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Navigating News in The Digital World

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News Consumption & Social Media

It is undeniable that digital news consumption has been growing rapidly since news has become available online. Lets look at some infographics that illustrate this point as well as just how online news distribution has morphed in that time.

Main Sources For News-Internet vs. T.V. vs. Newspapers vs. Radio

This chart from PEW research center in 2013 shows the exponential growth of the internet as the main source of news for adults. It also illustrates the decline of television and newspapers as main sources for news. Although radio shows some growth, most likely due to the advent of podcasts, the volume pales in comparison to the internet. This chart simply provides a visual representation of what is practically obvious common knowledge to most consumers. Another interesting angle to view news source is within the sub categories of news via the internet.

News From The Internet Via Social Media

This chart illustrates the percentage of U.S. adults that use various social media websites as pathways to consume news. Unsurprisingly, Facebook holds the lion’s share. At this point, many argue that Facebook has transcended being a social media platform to being a news outlet.

Why Social Media For News?

This chart illustrates what consumers like about obtaining news from social media websites. The number one advantage reported is convenience. This dwarfs the next closest motivations by more than double. The idea of convenience being a strong motivator for news consumption through social media has interesting implications.

News media is a powerful influencer of individual and public opinion and has been since its inception. The idea that news is being accessed through social media mainly as a result of convenience begs the question of how can news consumption become more convenient. Can it be embedded in other software and applications that have become part of our every day routines? Will we start seeing them in fitness apps? Perhaps new will find its way into dating websites and free hookup apps. Online dating is growing and is an interesting niche to consider.

Of course Facebook has made a lot of its own news recently, but everyday there are other social media platforms that users are looking to as pathways to news. The next question is the same age old challenge of news since its inception; how can news be kept objective and valuable rather than malicious, controlling, and exploitative.

The Most Popular U.S. News Websites

Technology is emerging and expanding at high speeds and we all know how the internet works and rely the most on the internet. So we are relying on the internet for the news as well. The first invention of a hard copy was first invented in England. But well before that the Acta Diurna published in Rome around 59 BC. It was called “The Relation”. But newspapers were not well known to the entire world. Also that population was less. Now technology has developed and everyone knows what a NEWS means. Now everyone loves to share everything that is happening around them. This concept of spreading all of the information of all sorts, led to so many different concepts. One such concept is called social media, which helps you to connect to people all around the world and exchange information like personal, professional, promotional updates, business oriented and many other life happenings. There are many number of websites that is available to provide digital newspapers online worldwide. Let’s take a look.

List of U.S websites providing digital newspapers

Yahoo news, Google news, Huffington Post, CNN, New York Times, Fox News, NBC News, Mail Online, Washington Post, The Guardian, WSJ, ABC news, BBC news, USA today, and LA times. These are the websites that are ranked according to the above respective order. These websites contain all the information in all of the fields that are posted on their home page in the form of posts or posters and you just have to click on that post and it will give you all of the information about what you have to know. Websites like Google, Yahoo, mail online has availability to email service to their customers as well. So we can view the website as informative as well as for exchanging information. News updates will be provided to you through the email service as well. In other words, it acts as a multi-purpose device. Web sites like CNN, New York Times, BBC, ABC news are all available as a media channel on television and as a website. Let us know about the most popular websites that we can rely on to get accurate news.

  • CNN news-it was introduced in the year 1980. It provides up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest, currently happening situations, weather, entertainment and politics. It is an American news-based pay television channel and a news website owned by AT&T’s Warner Media. This is also said to be the first channel company that provided the 24 hour news coverage. It was the first news company of the United States.
  • New York Times- it provides information about breaking news, reviews and opinions about Washington, business, sports, movies, travel, books, jobs, real estate and much more. The website is It is an American newspaper that was New York based and had access to worldwide influence and readership. It was found on September 18th 1861. As the use of the internet began they started a website with the same name as their newspaper.
  • Huffington Post– it is a website containing blogs, posts, original content offering coverage of United States’ politics, entertainment, style, world news, comedy and technology. Also known as HuffPost, it is an American news and opinion website and a blog which contains different editions. It contains a regional edition which is only about one particular state or a country. The other is international edition, which is world-wide. It was launched in the year 2005. It is ranked as number one website on the most popular political sites list by the eBizMBA rank. It is also first known website to win a Pulitzer Prize.
  • Fox news- is well known website for breaking news and videos of current news, sports, education, politics, health, U.S world, business and technology. The website for the same is It was initially an American based television news channel. It was owned by the news corporation from 1996 to 2013 and by 21st century fox from 2013 to 2019 and currently being taken by Fox Corporation.
  • USA today- it provides current regional and national news, entertainment, finance, sports and technology through award winning journals, photos and videos. The website for this is It is an internationally distributed, American daily that serves as a flagship publication of its owner, Gannett Company. It was founded on September 15, 1982. However, the genesis of USA today was in the year 1980.
  • Yahoo! News– it is the website providing latest news and headlines, breaking news and in-depth coverage videos and photos popping onto the home page of the website. Website: It originated as an internet based news aggregator by yahoo. Articles usually came from association press, fox news, ABC news, CNN news and much more. It was invented in the year 2001 as an email service and thought of expanding the knowledge in people by collecting news from many sources into one destination.

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