Hello, my name is Ronald Lane. Ever since I can remember I have been completely fascinated by the news. As a kid I loved the idea of the paper and the concept that we were connected to what was going on in our world through this thing delivered to our door. I wanted to be a part of this so I got my own paper route to be a cog in the wheel of the news process. From then to now I have been involved in working in the news industry in countless capacities. In that time I have been able to see incredible evolution in how we produce, distribute, and consume news. I find our current point as news consumers to be very interesting. As people we have more access to news of all varieties than ever before. This sets the foundation for a very interesting landscape. I created this blog to discuss that landscape and examine the current state of news; how it is produced, distributed, and consumed. I feel when we achieve a strong understanding of this, only then can we Listen Completely.